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Nab 1

September 9, 2008 by

Nab 1 will be on Friday 3rd October in the Double Period. 

This Nab is on Data Collection.  More notes to follow.

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14 Responses to “Nab 1”

  1.   CM Says:

    hi, how many questions are in the NAB and how many NAB’s are there

  2.   JR Says:

    will we be doing basketball or netball as our third activity

  3.   JR Says:

    if i passed the nabs last year do i still need to sit them this year?

  4.   krae Says:

    There are 2 questions in the first Nab and there are 4 Nabs all together.

    If you have passed your Nabs last year then you still have to do the work for them this year. It is good revision and will help you for your final exams.

  5.   sandi Says:

    how many marks is each question worth in our first nab?

  6.   krae Says:

    Each question in Nab 1 is worth 6 marks. It is crucial to explain your answers, state your point and then say when, why and how etc to access the full marks.

  7.   Nicki Says:


    How long in the double period do we get to do the nab? Is it all of it?

  8.   krae Says:

    Nicki, you can have the whole double period to answer the questions, I would suggest that it would take you the majority of the time to get sufficient detail in your answers.

  9.   laura :-D Says:

    heyy :) do we just sit the nab in class?

  10.   krae Says:

    Yes, you do sit the nab in class time.

  11.   jenn :D Says:

    Will we be able to practice the questions and give our answers to you and then you can help us improve them or whatever…is that allowed?? :P

  12.   krae Says:

    Jenn, we will be going over the nabs, I will give you notes and you can do answers for me to look over!

  13.   CM Says:

    how do you change the picture

  14.   CM Says:

    doesnt matter

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